Origin Of The Kingdom Of Amnarius

Origin Of The Kingdom Of Amnarius

The Peredhel Duo

For thousands of centuries, the Elven Council has made a rule against the breeding between two species. This is especially important in the royal community. To be the King or Queen of any elven kingdom, you have to be a pure blood elf. You’re taken out of the line if you’re a half-breed and the throne is given to the next full blood family member. That’s how it has always been, and Aelara should have already known her fate when she was able to comprehend it


Being a half-breed is extremely rare, but in her fathers kingdom there are a few. This includes Aelara and her brother, Usseallas. their father was the King, who fell in love with their mother. Despite the common idea of the mother always being the elf, it’s the opposite in their case. Their mother was a full blood demon princess, while their father was a full blood elf. Though, he didn’t know about their mothers genetics until the two of us were born only a year into their marriage.


Usseallas took after their father, while Aelara had more of her mother’s features. Standing side by side, Usseallas and their father had broad shoulders, strong facial features and dark eyes. Aelara and her mother had fair skin, light eyes and hourglass body build. While Usseallas was much taller than her, She was the older sibling by a year.


One morning,Aelara and Usseallas stood beside each other in the throne room before the council and their parents. Though they were both royal, Aelara had reached the age in which the Council confirms whether she would be the next in line to get the crown. Although on this day, her eighteenth birthday, the Council didn’t look particularly happy to see them after speaking with their father only hours before. Tight scowls were pressed into each of their faces.


When the two of them were born, it was hard to tell if we had demon blood or not. Yet, when Aelara was two, she developed her demon forms double canines. They popped out when she was throwing a tantrum with their father, and she used them as a scare tactic to get what she wanted. That was the same moment her eyes changed to a vibrant pink of a demon. Usseallas though, first showed his demon form with his strength. At the age of one, he was pulling himself up and out of his crib when he didn’t want to be in it.


The head of the council, a white haired male named Alabastor, looked at Aelara her brother. His scowl deepened as he looked at Aelara, and she could feel Usseallas grab her hand lightly. He always grabbed her hand when he wanted to signal to het that he was protecting her. He’s done it since he was a toddler whenever they were in trouble, which seemed to be often.


Alabastor stared at us and cleared his throat before he spoke, making a chill skyrocket down her spine. His silver eyes locked on Aelara as he spoke. “Aelara Rainwalker, I suppose you know what today is.”


she held my head high as she nodded and spoke up. “Yes sir. Today is the confirmation of the heir to the throne.”


He nodded briefly, clasping his hands together. “Correct. After speaking with your father and hearing what he has to say, we’ve come to recognize that,” He seemed to pause for a few moments, making her shift uncomfortably. “We’ve decided that your first cousin, Kaeda, shall be the heir to the throne. She will be the queen of Ila Asari.”


she froze, feeling the blood drain from her face as she took in the words he had just spoken. she looked between him and her father, who’s expressions were both full of hate. Turning to her mother, she looked solemn as she tried to move forward, a shackle around her ankle stopping her. Swallowing her hurt from the news, it quickly bubbled up as anger about it and seeing that their mother was shackled to the floor.


“Excuse me?” she quirked an eyebrow. “You chose Kaeda as heir? She’s not even his child! And you have mother shackled!?”


“She’s a pure blood.” their father stated bluntly, looking her dead in the eyes with a cold stare. “And your mother is deceitful.”


she snapped, her demon form beginning to take over. Black markings appeared on my cheeks and neck. she scowled at the people before Usseallas and Aelara, taking a step forward. “That’s bullshit! I swear to you today, that I will fight for all of the half-bloods! I will fight for the other species! I will prove to you that I am a capable Queen! I will gain power and overthrow your kingdom!”


You will do no such thing!” their father stood and scowled at her. As he stood, he and the guards around them reached for their swords.


“Piss off!” she snapped back. “Come on Usseallas, we’re leaving.” she looked at my younger brother, who nodded and bowed before me. “I WILL be back to rescue our mother, AND to take you down.” I practically spat at our father before Usseallas escorted me out of the room, and away from our home.


Where were they going, Aelara was unsure. Though she knew for a fact that she would work tirelessly to build her own kingdom and overthrow their father, merging the kingdoms into one and getting equality for all half-breeds. Even if she had to spill blood for it.